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Xoriet Technologies has been helping software vendors and publishing clients meet their unique business and technology needs. Our capabilities include complete lifecycle management of a software product, from requirements definition, through design and development, to testing, maintenance and support. We offer particular expertise in Java/J2EE platform, Microsoft .NET, open source, standards-based technologies, and object oriented methods.

At Xoriet Technologies, we specialize in helping software providers achieve the benefits of outsourcing while managing the risks, with services designed to deliver the maximum return on their investment, including...

  • Reduced development and support costs of up to 50%
  • Accelerated time to marketmachines
  • Greater flexibility in applying the right resources to meet crucial project deadlines

Many of our clients start working with us on a project basis. However, they soon realize the benefits of a long- term relationship, using our offshore development center (ODC).

Knowledge-based support

Xoriet Technologies Knowledge Support Solution enables companies with highly complex products or services – including software providers, manufacturers, and financial service companies – to better and more profitably serve customers.

Xoriet Technologies solution leverages a company’s product information and its existing intellectual capital – knowledge that employees have gained from years of experience – to facilitate complex problem resolution, providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time, cutting across organizational boundaries.

The solution includes a knowledge base and tools that enable support and service personnel at call centers and field offices to quickly and reliably find accurate solutions to complex problems or the right product offerings for individuals. The knowledge base provides access to existing customer and product information, and captures new information, the domain knowledge of experts, and proven procedures and solutions for reuse.

Xoriet Technologies solution leverages key components to make support and service personnel more productive, reducing call time and costs while ensuring successful outcomes:

  • The Intelligent Finder – for fast access to relevant information, with features such as pre-defined searches for common queries and search functionality based on an information taxonomy tailored to company products.
  • The Problem Investigation Tracker – for recording call information on the customer and investigation, for transfer during call handoffs
  • The Problem-Solving Assistant – for interactive, step-by-step guidance in problem solving, suggesting questions, diagnoses, and solutions—decreasing time-to-resolution.
  • The Problem-Solving Assistant – for interactive, step-by-step guidance in problem solving, suggesting questions, diagnoses, and solutions—decreasing time-to-resolution.
  • The Active Problem Finder – for rapidly accessing known solutions, based on a specific customer’s known product configuration information.

Xoriet Technologies works with clients to ensure the solution integrates with existing databases, CRM systems, and other technology. We also customize the search functionality for a company’s product or service offerings. The result is a solution that improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of service and support while improving customer satisfaction.

Xoriet Technologies employs application development frameworks and development automation tools to shorten development cycles, promote a consistent approach across virtual development teams, and ensure adherence to industry standards and best practices.


Paradigm is Xoriet Technologies for automating the software development cycle. Incorporated into the foundation on which Xoriet Technologies builds its software solutions, Paradigm has become an important element in how we meet the challenge of how to create applications that are high quality, cost effective, and “built for change.”

Paradigm shifts the focus of the software development process to the definition of business requirements, tying application code directly to requirement specifications. Using requirements specified in XML, Paradigm generates 100 percent of an application’s code, eliminating the majority of manual coding in an application’s development phase.

Xoriet Technologies employs Paradigm as an enabler of our software development services in projects such as:

  • Development of new applications that are data and/or transaction intensive
  • Incremental enhancements to components of existing systems
  • Legacy application migration to new platforms

Spectrum Framework:

Spectrum is a rapid application development framework that automates the development of web- based enterprise applications. With the help of the Spectrum Framework, business users and IS personnel can save significant time during the design and implementation of information models and user interfaces, as well as the integration of multiple applications. The Spectrum Framework provides a rich user interface, powerful search and categorization models, and web-based integration services right out of the box. By enabling the creation of working prototypes to flesh out detailed requirements, the framework is highly suitable for building applications when requirements are unclear.


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